The project “ENCERTICUS”, co-financed with ERDF funds of the European Commission through the MED Programme, is aimed to:
  • pilot and monitor the impact of ENCERTICUS energy awareness services on inhabitants’ resource use behavior on n°3 MED countries;
  • provide householders detailed near real-time energy use information in a way that is meaningful to them;
  • engage individual households as active players in developing water and energy conservation practices;
  • evaluate ‘user-friendly’ and widely accessible models of energy awareness services applied over three categories of tenants and housing buildings;
  • obtain conclusions about the cost effectiveness and the impact on resource use behavior change of each model;
  • integrate monitoring models with Energy certification scheme and to evaluate how to improve both the user acceptance of the energy certificate as well as its accuracy against the real energy performance of residential buildings. 

During the 28 months project duration, the ENCERTICUS partnership will carry out a daily commitment to implement and optimize the service for social housing. For this, user and operational requirements will be captured by consultation with households and interested parties, during the first months of the project. Results will be used to establish service specifications and finalise the service architecture for monitoring a trial group of dwellings at each pilot site.

This will culminate in the integration and operation of the ENCERTICUS service for at least 12 months in the n°3 pilot sites. Within this operation phase, a continuous management of customised information with real-time data and feedback on resource consumption, a real-time advice/guidance on optimum operation of the building systems and components, an assessment of value of access to the offered interactive service and an assessment of service viability and operability will be provided.

ENCERTICUS Consortium: 
  • Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numérics a l’ Enginyeria (Spain) - Technical R&D organisation with energy expertise - Coordinator
  • Foment de la Rehabilitació Urbana de Manresa S.A (Spain) - FORUM works in the , urban land management and urban rehabilitation of the municipality of Manresa
  • Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) 
  • Habitat Marseille Provence (France) - Municipal housing company of Marseilles
  • Consorzio Nazionale CasaQualità (Italy) - National operational structure of the Federation of social housing coops affiliated to Confcooperative.

Project ID card
  • Project full name: Energy Certification, Information And Communication Technologies For User Satisfaction
  • Funded under: MED Programme
Targeted projects 2012
Priority-Objective 2-2
Axe 2: Protection of the environment and promotion of a sustainable territorial development
Objective 2.2: Promotion and renewable energy and improvement of energy efficiency 
  • EU contribution: €. 928.638,105
  • Project reference: 5132 | 1C-MED12-20
  • Execution: From 01/03/2013 to 30/06/2015 (28-months project)
  • Project status: Completed
  • Project Consortium: n° 5 partners from n°3 European countries 
  • Demonstration sites: n° 3 pilot sites in ES, FR, IT 
  • Services offered: Energy Management services to more than n°155 dwellings