Italian Pilot - At the glance

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  • Located in Prato, in Tuscany near to Florence
  • Two social housing buildings with 36 owned and rented dwellings
  • 15 trial dwellings equipped with Encerticus service
  • 12-months monitoring period real time display monitors (RTDs) and on-line service that enable householders to make visible their electricity usage (and its associated costs and carbon emissions) and to help them control consumption, save money, to identify ways of saving energy and reduce emissions.
  • Regular Home energy reports, with personalized advices and domestic water and energy consumptions data
  • Individual and collective energy coaching

Italian pilot site

The Italian pilot site consists of two social housing buildings in the Prato city, located in Tuscany near to Florence and capital of the Prato Province (200.000 citizens). The two five-storey blocks are composed  of 36 dwellings (16+16) and both buildings contain large underground parking slots.
Both Buildings were completed and occupied back in 2007. Both are occupied by “social” inhabitants  that are below the national threshold to obtain a social dwelling: Householders are n°18 owners on block n°1 and n°18 renters on block n°2. Householders are mostly employed (few people are retired) with 1-2 children.
Both Buildings have centralized gas boiler for space heating (SH), while individual condensing boilers are used for cooking and domestic hot water (DHW). Although they have different metering systems, they are both equipped with fittings that allow individual consumption metering per dwelling. Heating inside the dwellings is provided by aluminum radiators controlled by individual thermostats. Each dwelling has individual water and electricity metering systems.

Expected results

  • to evaluate if feedback on domestic energy consumption to householders can contribute to change their consumption behaviors as follows:

Expected Global Savings 15%
Electricity 10%
Water 12%
Gas 15%

Partners involved in the pilot site

Consorzio Nazionale CasaQualità Consorzio Edilcoop ESTRA CLIMA
Encerticus partner local site coordinator Social Housing provider local "Encerticus hub" Local Multiutilities supplier

Methodology and Participants

Considering that the proposed pilot site is composed by two social housing blocks with similar architectural and technical characteristics but the first one is inhabited by homeowners and the second is inhabited by renters, this will allow to compare the energy behaviors of these two different user typologies.

The Italian pilot site involved 15 households divided into two groups: 7 are renters and 8 are homeowners and these are further divided into three distinct experimental levels of monitoring as follows:

ENCERTICUS ITALY Trial Group Control Group
First level Second level Third level
Rented dwelling Owned dwelling Rented dwelling Owned dwelling To confirm
N° dwellings 3 4 5 3 1 15
Gas for cooking and DHW Automatic readings            
Manual readings X X X X X X
Cold Water Automatic readings         X  
Manual readings X X X X   X
Thermal energy for space heating Automatic readings            
Manual readings X X X X X X
Electricity Automatic readings X X X X X  
Manual readings           X
Electric sib metering Automatic readings X X X X X  
Manual readings            

ENCERTICUS energy awareness service

Based on the above mentioned trial levels, householders will be provided by :
1- Low-cost Home stand alone display to monitor electricity usage + n°6 smart plugs to monitor individual appliances, showing total dwelling electricity consumption/cost and disaggregated consumption/cost by individual appliances. this higher granularity of the electricity consumption will allow to the scientific team – and also the inhabitants- to better understand where the electricity consumption is higher;
2- Webportal access for trial user and housing manager to see more info about electricity usage;
3- Home energy report containing a personalized tips and analysis showing how their recent energy use compares to that of average neighbors or historic consumption profile.
4-    and a home energy coaching to better understand on how to reduce energy bills and save money and general info on energy savings.

ENCERTICUS ITALY Trial Group Control Group
First level Second level Third level
Gas Cold water Thermal energy Electricity Submetering for electricity Gas Cold water Thermal energy Electricity Submetering for electricity Cold water
N° dwellings 7 8 1 15
Device/Media Web-portal       X X       X X   No Encerticus service
Home displays       X X       X X X
Personalized energy reports           X X X X X X
Energy coaching collective           X X X X X X
individual           X X X X X X


The ENCERTICUS service is based on complementary data collection methods:

  • automatic readings thanks to the installation of smart IT components that enable to see how much electricity the house is consuming. The Sensor and Transmitter measure the consumption at the existing electricity meter and transmits it to the Display wirelessly. The Smart Plugs measure the consumption of individual appliances and also transmit this to the Display wirelessly. As well as seeing the consumption on the stand-alone colour Display, trial user can also view your consumption history and control appliances online with an additional Web Pack.
  • manual readings of the existing gas, heating and water meters.


The combination of both databases allows to deliver a regular Home energy report to Householders and also a better management of  the energy efficiency of building stock for the participating Social housing provider.