Programme MED
Le Programme MED est un programme européen de coopération transnationale. Il est financé par l’Union européenne dans le cadre de sa Politique Régionale. La configuration transnationale permet au Programme [..]
GRASP: GReen procurement And Smart city suPport in the energy sector
The objective of GRASP is to increase the potential of MED Smart cities in organizing and developing Smart and Green e-Procurement processes with a focus on renewable energy sources and energy efficient [..]
EMILIE: Enhancing Mediterranean Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency  [..]
The project, funded by the “Mediterranean” transnational cooperation Programme, aims to support the growth potential and capacity for innovation of SMEs in the field of energy efficiency in buildings [..]
SMART in MED Project originates from key Europe 2020 strategy and concepts and fosters the definition and implementation of Mediterranean SMART SPECIALISATION STRATEGY with the final objective of strengthening [..]
ELIH-MED: Energy efficiency in low income housing in the Mediterranean
EC-related programme MED programme Execution Public website
MARIE: Mediterranean building rethinking for energy effciency improvement
EC-related programme MED programme Execution Public website
REMIDA aims at developing new EE and RES solutions in Mediterranean cities, through the strengthening of the local energy policy and strategy and the promotion of a smart management of energy supply [..]
EMPOWERING: Empowering customers to save energy by informative billing
This project aims to empower consumers: by involving and informing them, helping them to take measures to save energy on the basis of the information they read on their meters or on their bills. EMPOWERING [..]