Encerticus Evaluation Results

The Encerticus project finishes with success results and achieve main objectives set up at the beginning of the project. The focus lies in the provision of an impact analysis of the ICT solutions that have been developed and operated by the participating pilot sites. These solutions were focused on User Awareness Services (UAS) and Management Services (MS).

The analysis revealed that the achievement of savings is also depending on the initial situation of the pilot sites. When tenants already consumed very few energy/resources during the baseline period, the potential for the achievement of savings is very low. This applies, for example, to the experimental group of Manresa where it was very difficult to achieve further savings. That’s why it can be interpreted as very successful if experimental groups performed better, although they had lower baseline consumption than the control group.  

Furthermore, for social housing tenants it is especially very difficult to achieve meaningful savings as their incomes are very low and they have only limited capital to replace old electrical appliances by energy efficient ones which would have a bigger impact on consumption.

The question is now answered. Read the full report "Encerticus Evaluation Results"